Tanya Egan Gibson, Author of How to Buy a Love of Reading, Asks “What’s Your Reading Story?”

April 22, 2009

Tanya Egan Gibson has a novel coming out next month called How to Buy a Love of Reading.  It’s about a high school girl who has never loved books, and her parents commission a book to be written just for her.

Gibson has added a feature to her novel’s website where anyone can share a story about how reading changed their lives. Gibson says she envisions “this as a community of stories about the power of stories.” She also says that “all submissions will be posted (subject to approval to weed out spam and profanity), and between now and the novel’s release date on May 14th, three of them will also be chosen to be made into flash-animated ‘books’ on the site’s virtual bookshelf.  (The winners will also each receive a signed copy of HTBALOR.)”

I plan to post my story in the next week, and I would love to read other stories from readers at mother-daughter book club as well. Here’s the Web site where you can check it out and post a story:

www.howtobuyaloveofreading.com. Just click on the icons to read other stories and find a link to submit your own.