Too Hot to Read?

Believe it or not it’s been too hot to read for the last few days in my home in Portland, Oregon. How is that possible? Combine 100+ temperatures with no air conditioning and a hot breeze and you’ll know that it’s hard to perch in one spot for very long. It was hot to sit on my fabric-covered couches even with a fan blowing on me, and outside was worse, even in the shade. I’m thankful that our heat wave is supposed to break after today, just in time for the weekend. Maybe I’ll have to schedule a little extra time to read in the hammock, where there may be a cool breeze blowing by then.

Most of the summer in Portland we don’t need air conditioning. Which is a far cry from summers where I grew up in Brusly, Louisiana. Portlanders are amateurs at surviving summer weather compared to Louisianians. But I like that my summers now don’t usually require air conditioning. I love having windows open and letting fresh air in for months at a time. I’ll also take eating outside versus eating indoors any day. My dining table and the area around it rarely needs cleaning when all our meals are outside where we can hose everything off.

But when the heat interferes with reading, it’s gone too far. I’ll welcome the thunderstorms predicted here for next week.

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