Still More Snow—Update on Cupcake Recipe

I’m beginning to feel like a broken record as I tell my friends and family around the country that it’s still snowing in Portland. I’ve been saying it for the past nine days. While that may sound like nothing to people in many places, for us it’s a big deal. We can’t even leave our neighborhood, because there’s more than a foot of snow on the road. It’s a good thing we stocked up on food when we got out a few days ago. The newest weather report has the streets clearing up here after Christmas. I’m glad I got most of my shopping done before this all started.

The gingerbread cream cheese muffins I wrote about last time turned out great! My daughter Madeleine and I walked through the snow more than a mile to get the few ingredients we needed but didn’t have, and it was worth it. We’re still enjoying the muffins, even more so because there’s a chocolate ganache icing on top. We decided right away that we want to bake these again for the mother-daughter book club meeting we’re hosting at our house in January.

The recipe comes from The Mother Daughter Cookbook by Lynette Rohrer Shirk. It took a little getting used to working the recipe, because it’s not set up the way you would find it in most cookbooks. It’s divided into tasks for the mother and tasks for the daughter. For me, it was a little difficult to get a good feel for the whole process, but once I got used to the format change it was easier.

One thing to note if you have the cookbook and try this recipe: It says it makes 12 cupcakes. We don’t have cupcake tins, only muffin tins, and I believe those are smaller. We knew we wanted more than 12 cupcakes, so we decided to make 1-1/2 times the recipe. We ended up with 24 muffin-sized cupcakes on our hands, plus more to bake in a square glass pan. Not that I’m complaining. We’re still enjoying the cupcakes, and we even shared a couple with the people at the camera store when we went to pick up photos for Christmas cards. Next time we’ll be prepared.

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