A Great Way to Find Out About Books

If you haven’t read a book how do you know whether you want to recommend it for Mother Daughter Book Club? That question has come up time and again over the years as I have scoured reviews and read book descriptions in an effort to get the feel of a book before my daughter and I select it. Now I’ve discovered another way to get introduced to books and try them out before deciding whether to read them or not.

It’s called, an online book club that let’s you “sample” a few chapters of a new book every week. While the service has several categories of books you can sign up for, mother daughter book clubs with teens can benefit most from it. While there’s no category for young adult or middle readers, there is one for teens, and older readers may also be interested in the nonfiction, fiction, classics and other choices too.

It’s not perfect, because the first few chapters aren’t always an indicator of how you’ll like the whole book. I would have never read the delightful books Millions and Framed by Frank Cottrell Boyce if I’d only seen the first few chapters, for instance. But also has forums for Book Talk where readers respond and talk about the selection. I find it helps to hear what others are saying.

I’ve signed up for teen, fiction and non-fiction books, and so far I think it’s a good way to get exposed to books I may know nothing about otherwise.

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